Bright’s Grove Animal Hospital

Welcome to Bright’s Grove Animal Hospital, your local veterinarians in Bright’s Grove.

Bright’s Grove Animal Hospital opened in 1990 to provide veterinary care for companion animals in the Sarnia/Lambton Area. Together, Dr. Rodger Griffiths, Dr. Thomas Kostuch and Dr Randi Delavigne have over 6 decades of experience delivering Veterinary Medicine. The clinic has been accredited by both the College of Veterinarians of Ontario and the American Animal Hospital Association.
The Clinic is a full-service facility and runs a mobile service that allows us to examine your pet in your home.

In 2020, a generous substantial bequest was received, enabling the Sarnia & District Humane Society to purchase the Bright’s Grove Animal Hospital. The Bright’s Grove Animal Hospital is a full service, profitable Veterinary Clinic which donates all profit revenue directly to the shelter to assist with operational costs.

Bright’s Grove Animal Hospital –

2684 Lakeshore Rd. Brights Grove
ON, N0N 1C0

Carrier Rentals

When adopting a cat, please remember to bring your cat carrier with you. If you do not have a cat carrier, the Sarnia & District Humane Society can supply you with a cardboard carrier for a $5.00 fee.


The City of Sarnia requires that all dogs hold a valid licence. Licences may be purchased through our official licensing partner, DocuPet, online at Licences are valid for one year from the purchase date. If licensing your dog online isn’t an option, don’t worry, DocuPet has you covered. Learn more about licensing options here: Learn More

In addition to your pet’s official licence, DocuPet also provides owners with these great benefits:

  • Full access to the HomeSafe™ 24/7 lost pet service
  • A selection of over 170 designer tag options that double as your pet’s official licence. 20% of each designer tag
    purchase is donated to the Sarnia and District Humane Society
  • A central dashboard for your pet’s medical records and information
  • A quick and easy online solution for purchasing and renewing your pet’s licence


Altered: $36.25
Unaltered: $82.50


Sarnia dog licences come equipped with DocuPet’s complimentary HomeSafe™ 24/7 lost pet service.

Every licence is assigned a unique HomeSafe code that is linked to that pet’s online profile which includes important information about the pet, as well as contact information for the owners. Ensure your pet’s DocuPet profile is up to date with recent photos and information. You may create or access your pet’s profile at

To report a lost or found pet, visit or call DocuPet’s lost pet hotline at 1-855-249-1370

Safe & Happy Fund

We are DocuPet’s official Safe & Happy partner in Sarnia. That means that 20% of every designer tag purchased at is donated back to us here at the Sarnia & District Humane Society.

To shop DocuPets selection of over 170 colorful and unique tags, visit


What Is A Microchip?

A microchip is a rice-sized radio-frequency identification device (RFID), that is quickly and painlessly inserted under your pet’s skin. It is not a GPS, but a permanent form of ID that can be registered in our recovery database, which holds info about the pet and its owner.

How to microchip your pet:

The Sarnia & District Humane Society does ensure that dogs and cats are microchipped prior to adoption.

To have your pet microchipped, please call the shelter to set up an appointment.

Fee: $20 per pet

Fast Facts About Microchips:

  • A microchip is not a GPS.
  • It is a permanent form of ID, registered to our recovery database which holds pet and owner information.
  • A microchip is only as useful as the information tied to it, so ensure your contact details are always up to date.