Please Stoop and Scoop

It doesn’t take much effort to clean up after your pets and no one else should have to. Please keep our community clean and disease-free.

License Your Dog

A license gives your dog 24 hour identification in case it strays or becomes injured.

A Controlled Pet is Protected Pet

Pets need protection from hazards such as traffic, disease and accidents. People need protection from uncontrolled pets. Keep your pet under control at all times. If your cat goes outdoors, ensure it stays on your property with the use of a harness leash on a cable tie-out or clothesline. An enclosure for your cat is also easy to build. In any case, only allow your cat out under supervision.

A Cat With A Collar And Tag Speaks For Itself

A tag tells everyone that a cat has a home and where to reach its owners if it becomes hurt or lost should it stray from your yard.

Please Don’t Litter…Have Your Pet Spayed Or Neutered

It’s a plus for your pet health-wise and a plus for you because it eliminates many behavioral issues, such as spraying, heat periods and litters (up to 3 a year) and will reduce the numbers of unwanted animals.

Pets Need Vets

Have your pet vaccinated and examined annually by a veterinarian.